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Cache County, UT

  • Logan
  • Smithfield
  • North Logan
  • Hyrum
  • Providence
  • Nibley
  • Hyde Park
  • Wellsville
  • Richmond
  • Millville

Davis County, UT

  • Layton
  • Syracuse
  • Clearfield
  • Clinton

Services We Offer

Uneven Concrete

Concrete Raising

We provide the best concrete raising services on the market, with our Deep Foamjection method. It is less expensive and quicker than other concrete methods.

Sealing Solutions

Concrete Sealing

We offer a concrete sealing service, which strengthens your concrete to ensure it doesn’t crack. A great way to finish your concrete after we have raised and leveled it.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Sometimes the ground will shift after a foundation has been poured, causing your house to sink. We provide pier pushing and helical piling services to protect your home.

Discover the Best Concrete or Foundation Lifting Solution for Your Needs

Foundation Repair and Piering

The foundation of a house or other building needs to be cared for! Foundation lifting is the process by which sinking foundations are saved. If your home's foundation isn't repaired, it will have detrimental effects on the quality and safety of your property. Some issues can include water seeping through cracks in walls that eventually lead to bowing or crumbling floors - not good at all!

Piering is an excellent technique used when buildings need correction because of settlement-related problems.

Push Piering

Trusted Partner of Magnum Piering

Magnum Piering

4040After much research and consideration, we partnered with Magnum Piering, the best piering company in the industry. What makes them so great is their team of engineers behind them, ensuring they have the best materials available.

They are ICC-ES Proven and ISO 9001 Certified.

They are a leader in the industry, and their products are top-rated, being built out of new structural steel rather than recycled oil pipes, as other companies use. When it comes to foundation lifting, you want the best materials for the job. For a great video that goes over their company, we recommend watching this presentation done by Steve Garlick. You can view their website here.

Poly-Lift Trailer By House

Why Choose PolyLift?

This is just one example of how Poly-Lift goes above and beyond when it comes to finishing your concrete sealing job. Whether you're looking for high-quality grouting or a beautiful finished product, we'll be there with the best service around!

At Poly-lift, our commitment doesn't stop at delivering top-notch customer service -- we want to give you an amazing finish too. That's why before every sealant application, our team tapes up any seams so that they don't get damaged by the adhesive as well as ensuring seamless finishes all over.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies depending on the structure size, an average size home can cost between $10,000 and $20,000

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

Push piers are very effective and can lift and stabilize most structures

They are driven hydraulicaly to a specified depth until they reach bedrock and can support the structure being lifted.

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

Discover the Best Concrete or Foundation Lifting Solution for Your Needs

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