Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Usually around 50% or less than replacing.

Cheaper, quicker and cleaner than a new slab, and ready to use instantly

It is a long term solution for settled concrete.

Most jobs can be done in less than 1 day and ready to use immediately

Bad compaction, freeze thaw from winter, poor drainage

Cracked concrete can be leveled

Concrete Sealing

We recommend sealing your concrete if you live in a climate that freezes.

24 hours

Concrete can be sealed immediately after pouring or anytime after


Sometimes concrete sealers can make surfaces slippery.

Foundation Lifting

Foundation lifting jobs can usually be done in 1-2 days. Bigger jobs can take up to 5 days

Yes, you can continue to live in your home while the foundation is being repaired.

Push piers or Helical piers are the best method for lifting and repairing settled foundations

Cracks in exterior, doors and windows that don't shut properly, sloped floors, sunken landscape areas

Yes if you are willing to spend the money to have it repaired

Push Piering

The cost varies depending on the structure size, an average size home can cost between $10,000 and $20,000

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

Push piers are very effective and can lift and stabilize most structures

They are driven hydraulicaly to a specified depth until they reach bedrock and can support the structure being lifted.

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

Helical Piling

No, Helical piers need to be installed by a certified installer, and often times require engineering.

They are permenant, and will last the lifetime of the structure

Depending on size and weight of a structure, an engineer or helical manufacturer will determine the exact amount needed.

They are driven to a depth specified by engineers, can be between 20' and 60' deep depending on use.

Helical piers can be installed fairly quickly, depending on depth.