Poly-Lift Push Piering

Push Piering

What is Push Piering?

Shifting, sinking, and leaking foundations are almost always connected to a soil issue, and push piering is a way to resolve this issue.

Structural steel piers, also known as push piering, are attached to your foundation and driven into the ground, providing strength and stabilization.

Steel piers use the resistance of a stable surface, such as bedrock, to lift and stabilize your home. Because the steel is driven to bedrock and not supported by friction against the existing soil, steel piers provide consistent and reliable results. The piers are installed and load-tested individually, using the weight of your home as a reciprocal force.


Easily installed in restrictive and narrow gaps
Not ideal for lighter loads, like one story homes or garages
They are permanent, not good to use if you want to add to your home.
They won’t work if your foundation footing is cracked or broken.

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To Install a Push Pier, we:

  • Expose the Foundation
    Expose the Foundation
  • Prepared Footing
    Prepare the Footing to Receive a Steel Bracket
  • Push Pier Bracket
    Set the Bracket With Anchors to Cradle the Foundation.
  • Drive stand
    Attach a Drive Stand
  • Driving Pier section
    Drive Pier Sections Until It Reaches a Stable Surface, Such as Bedrock.
  • Structure setup
    Structure Is Set up to Lift and Then Stabilize.
  • Completed Push Pier
    Once the Piers Are Installed, Restoration Is Complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies depending on the structure size, an average size home can cost between $10,000 and $20,000

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

Push piers are very effective and can lift and stabilize most structures

They are driven hydraulicaly to a specified depth until they reach bedrock and can support the structure being lifted.

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation

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