Concrete Sealing In Logan, UT


Increase the Longevity of your concrete.

No matter what kind of surface you have, a driveway or patio area, concrete sealing is always beneficial.
Depending on how concrete is laid, it is susceptible to damage which can cause it to crack, spall and flake.

Improved Appearance

Most sealers keep your concrete looking new while smoothing and preserving color.

Protection from Harsh Elements

We're here to help you weather the harsh Pacific Northwest seasons, such as frost heave due to moisture penetration, along with salt and ice during winter. Our concrete sealing also protects from oil chemical resistance so your outdoor space can survive through tough weather seasons.

Our Process


First, we prepare your driveway, to ensure it is clean. We will be placing grout inside your concrete seams in order to keep water from creeping underneath to ruin your concrete. Grout does not seal well in dirt, so we ensure your concrete seams are clear of debris.

Concrete Sealing Prep Driveway With Blower
Man Taping Driveway


Next, we tape the seams of your driveway to make sure that you get a nice clean finish on your grout line. Grout is a sticky business and if not done properly it can smear all over your driveway. It is similar to painting.


The next step is to administer the grout into the cracks. We use a squeeze gun to ensure a nice uniform finish.

Man Applying Grout To Driveway
Grout In Concrete Crack

Doesn’t that look like icing from a cake?


A plastic spoon is used to level the grout. We concave the seam because grout rises as it dries. This concave method allows the grout to expand and seal the crevice properly.

Flatten In The Grout
Man Lifting Tape From Grout Seam


The tape is slowly removed and the grout is left to dry.


After the grout has dried, we spray the concrete sealant onto your driveway. We use deliberate, steady strokes to provide a smooth and uniform finish.



The final step is to wait for the sealant to dry. This will take a day, but it is worth it. Your driveway is now protected from water, moisture and looks great!

Finished Driveway With Concrete Sealant
Wet Concrete Sealant Applied To Blocked Driveway

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend sealing your concrete if you live in a climate that freezes.

24 hours

Concrete can be sealed immediately after pouring or anytime after


Sometimes concrete sealers can make surfaces slippery.

Concrete sealer can be applied immediately after finishing.

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