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The team at Poly-Lift is dedicated to helping Davis County’s business and home owners get peace of mind in their foundations. Have a piering, piling, sealing, or lifting project? We’ve got you covered.

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Long-lasting piering services for residential and commercial properties.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Shifts in the ground can slowly compromise your foundation – and the rest of your home. Poly-Lift partners with Magnum Piering to deliver the best push piering and helical piling solutions in the industry. Regardless of what your foundation looks like, we’ll get it back where it needs to be.

Magnum Steel Piering Opt

Push Piering

Push piering is an efficient way to monitor pressure in the ground to determine the best approach for repairing a foundation. Poly-Lift takes a comprehensive approach to ensure push piers are used based on structural weight to stabilize a building – no matter what.  

Magnum Helical Piling

Helical Piling

Helical piles are embedded deep underground to provide strong foundational support to buildings. At Poly-Lift, we provide industry-leading helical piling solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable for the long haul.

Expert Foundation Repair Contractor in Davis County

Foundation repair is a stressful and aggravating experience, but at Poly-Lift Concrete Lifting & Piering, we've worked hard to improve the process from start to finish in order for you to get great customer service.

Our talented professionals at Poly-Lift are experts not only in recognizing early what needs fixing but also in coming up with effective solutions for all types of foundation repairs in Davis County. We have the training, techniques and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your foundation repair problems.

Poly-Lift Piering is proud to have teamed up with the best lifting supply company in this industry. What makes them so special? They have a team of engineers behind their back, ensuring that you will get only high-quality products for your solution! These guys are proven by ICCES and ISO 9001 standards which means they hold themselves accountable when it comes down to providing top-notch service all day long - every single time.

Reach out to us today for your free estimate and we will help in determining which option is best.

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Discover the Best Concrete or Foundation Lifting Solution for Your Needs

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Why Poly-Lift?

Poly-Lift is well known in Davis county for getting jobs done right the first time. Whether it’s piering, piling, concrete raising, or sealing, each project is planned and executed with keen attention to both durability and aesthetics.

About Davis County

Named after Daniel C Davis – a captain in the Mormon Batallion – Davis County was defined by the provisional State of Deseret on October 5th, 1850. This act designated Farmington as a state seat due to the location between the Weber River and the Jordan River. The advent of the Utah Central Rail Road in 1870 created an economical transition and surge in banking, commerce, water systems, and electrification.

The Hill Air Force Base led to a big surge in civilian employment after World War Two, helping the county double in size.

Davis County Utah Aerial View
Davis County By The Numbers

Davis County by the numbers:

362,679 Population
104,551 Households
1,025.8 People Per Square Mile
$290,300 Median Home Value

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can continue to live in your home while the foundation is being repaired.

Push piers or Helical piers are the best methods for lifting and repairing settled foundations.

They are driven to a depth where they reach solid bedrock they become a permenant foundation.

They are permenant and will last the lifetime of the structure.

We recommend sealing your concrete if you live in a climate that freezes.

Discover the Best Concrete or Foundation Lifting Solution for Your Needs

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