Foundation Repair

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By Clay Ogden / July 22, 2024

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Foundation Repair Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Foundation?

By Clay Ogden / February 28, 2023

When homeowners start to notice signs of foundation damage, acting quickly is essential. Even small cracks and signs of shifting can lead to expensive repairs and losses in home value if not addressed promptly. But how much does a foundation repair cost? In this post, we’ll provide a comprehensive answer to this question. We’ll also…

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Why Do Foundation Sink - Foundation Repair

Why Do Foundations Sink? What You Need to Know About Sinking Foundation Repair

By Clay Ogden / February 7, 2022

It sounds alarming, but it’s incredibly normal for any home to move a bit as it settles into the ground. Over time, the weight of your home causes the ground beneath to compress. The weather can also cause changes in the soil, which may cause your home to shift and settle a bit. Most houses…

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Helical Piles For Foundation Repair

Helical Piles for Foundation Repair: Everything You Need to Know

By Clay Ogden / October 7, 2021

A strong foundation is essential for any structure, no matter the size. However, over time, the land supporting the building from below can change. For example, dirt may shift, natural disasters can corrode land away, or the constant weight could cause the foundation to crack and warp. Most foundation repair experts will suggest using helical…

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Homeowners Guide Push Piers For Foundation Repair

What Homeowner’s Need to Know About Push Piers for Foundation Repair

By Clay Ogden / October 7, 2021

Your home’s foundation is arguably one of the most important structural elements and one of the most difficult to repair. Shockingly, according to the US Government Accountability Office, one in four homes has foundation issues. If it is not resolved, these problems can cause up to a 25% drop in the home’s value. Thankfully there…

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